Members Voices

Wrapped In Love is a happy place. Though it's not actually a "place" but in a way it is. Most of us will never meet, but we are building friendships through our common passion to help rescued animals, and to help the people who rescue, rehabilitate and transport those animals. WIL brings out the best in us, and that is what we share every day.


The world can be a scary place. WIL is a haven from that. Sometimes I login to Facebook and just go to the WIL page. There, I know I'll see joy on the faces of newly adopted animals and their adoptive parents, and many Thank You's from the organizations who have received our hand-crafted work. Members lift each other up, compliment, instruct, provide suggestions, ask and answer questions. We share photos of our own beloved pets, photos of our new stashes of fabric from our latest shopping adventure where we were only planning to pick up a few things.....  We look forward eagerly to the next campaign, ready to send Love to new organizations and restocks.


I am so thankful to have found WIL and the wonderful people who put the "L" in WIL every day. I'm so thankful to know that somewhere, there are dogs snuggling on the blankets I've made. It's a joyful thing to be Wrapped In Love.


Margaret Englert



I have always been a supporter of rescues, but never had the opportunity to appreciate everything they sacrifice and go through on a daily basis to give these furry kids a loving home until Giffie came into our lives in 2013. The wonderful staff of Briggs Animal Adoption Center went way above and beyond to rescue and then work with Giffie to help find him the right home. In the end, HE chose US. :) The following May, Andy joined us. He had been wandering the streets of Houston, and thank goodness someone took him to Shaggy Dog Rescue, rather than one of the shelters. (Many in that area, sadly, are kill shelters). Now I have no idea how I ended up in the WIL group, as I have often said, but it has truly turned out to be a blessing! To be able to do something--send a few blankets, toys, or whatever is requested is the least I can do in return. Reading Patrick's story of the beginning of WIL certainly warmed my heart, and I do believe that everything happens for a reason. And Patrick, now you know what that reason is, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Mary Beth


I had been in search of a group like this for a while. Thank YOU for starting this, and thank EVERYONE for making this such a wonderful place to "visit" every day.



Proud to be a part of this group Patrick Desjardins! I hear so many people say Facebook is useless just a bunch of people self absorbed and talking about themselves. Not sure who their friends are or what groups they are in, I never miss the chance to tell these people about the individuals and groups that I have been able to connect with through this social media tool. Rock on Wrapped In Love!!



I stumbled onto WIL while reading a rescues post that simply said, "XX" went to his forever home today wrapped in his WIL blanket" My thought was "what is or who is this WIL?!" I typed into search to find out who/what you were. Boy, did I! Only after reading the mission statement was I completely clear. But, it was after reading your posts that I discovered WHO you are. From different geo. regions, socio-economic, marital, generational, sexes... Just a hodge podge of amazing, caring, giving folks.!! And, who else could get me in a fabric store, and have me enjoy it, but you wonderful people I can honestly say that this group has helped save my life.



I stumbled upon a friend I've not seen in 20 years ( Patrick) and I found my way into WIL quickly after just wanting to say 'hey how have you been'. This has been a great endeavor thus far and look forward to watching it grow and to be a part of such a wonderful family.



I've only been a member since November and it feels like I've been wrapped in a warm blanket forever. Best.Group.On.The.Planet!!



Just one year ago I had never even considered making a fleece blanket for a dog! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be part of such a wonderful group as Wrapped In Love and we would have accomplished as much as we have!



I'm so glad this group has come so far. Dogs are my passion and I'm thankful every day to be a part of WIL. Thanks to Patrick Desjardins for his vision!



As late as last July, I had never heard of a tied fleece blanket.. Since then, I have made over 50.... And have loved every minute of it! Especially having pictures emailed back to me wrapping pups in love. Very rewarding. Feeling honored to be a part of this group!!!



To this day, I cannot say how WIL found ME, but am thankful and happy it did! I'm the lucky one who has made new friends, learned new things, and gets to send blankets off to rescues who work so hard to give the furry ones the homes they deserve, and to the happy new families. What could be better? My heart is full

Mary Beth


Linda Wallace messaged me and the next thing I knew, I was here. Only blankets I ever made were baby blankets for my own children. Now that they are grown, our furry friends are the new kids on the block. I am honored to be here among so many wonderful people with great big hearts and WIL never leave on my own. Thank you Patrick for giving me the opportunity to feel useful again. There is a story behind that but way too long. Beth