About us


To promote the hand making of dog and cat blankets to be donated directly to rescue groups from WIL membership.  The primary focus is to donate blankets as a group to 501c3 rescues along with other crafted items when possible.



THE WIL GOLDEN RULE:                Make your blankets with LOVE. We know you WIL!

WHO IS WIL?                                    A group of artisans and crafters of all levels of experience who support the Wrapped in Love mission.   WIL is a place to share photos of donated blankets, your blanket model as well as a place to share ideas about the art and craft of making blankets. It’s a place to inspire others to do the same.  It’s a place to make friendships with the likeminded. It’s a place to give and receive support both in crafts and in life.

                                                            The noun “group” is the key. Donating as a group makes for a faster, more effective donation source.  As a group of artisans/crafters WIL is able to focus on its mission and the needs of animal rescues. As a group WIL is able to move from rescue to rescue in a timely manner.


WHAT WIL IS NOT:                          WIL is not a non-profit group. We are not a 501c3 therefore soliciting donations or funds of any type on behalf of an individual or the group is a sure way to shut down this project. No selling or buying of anything can be allowed on this page. No fund raising for dog or cat rescues or individual people or animals is allowed. This is the law, not just WIL policy. You do not make and donate blankets to Wrapped In Love. You are making a donation directly to the rescue organization.  Okay, you may ask, then what are we exactly?

WHAT WIL IS:                                   WIL is a kind of family of artisans and crafters that just happen to love dogs and cats and share the mission to Wrap the animals and their rescuers in Love.


HOW DOES IT WORK?                    This is the simplest part. You make a blanket. You will sew, crochet, knit, no-sew fleece knot or quilt for the current rescue which will be posted on the Facebook page. Need help figuring it all out? Help is always at your fingertips. Some questions are already answered and can be found by clicking on the “Files” tab. You WIL find (yes, this pun is always intended) Blankets, Styles and Sizes, Labels of Love, and Donation forms.  Can’t find what you need? Ask the WIL family. We are always ready with advice and love to help.

WHAT CAN I POST?                         All members are welcome to post on our Facebook page any time. It’s all about you, the artisans, the blankets, your blanket models and dogs and cat rescue groups that get them. Just remember that cross posting of dogs, personal statements of a political or religious nature is frowned upon. Drama is not welcome. This is a happy and uplifting place.  If you have a concern or complaint send an email to linda.wallace@wil4u.com.

RESCUE GROUPS:                            If you are a 501c3 rescue, volunteer run rescue, will agree that any donations will only be used directly with and for the animals (not sold or used for fundraising), agree to join our Facebook group and share photos, and you wish to be considered please email our Rescue Group Coordinator at nominations@wil4u.com.  NOTE: Please do not post solicitations for your rescue or send a PM to members for the same.


It is a possibility, but if so it would only be for legal reasons. Pursuing this status has been avoided because money and greed can and has ruined many a good idea. As an active WIL member take pride in these facts:

WIL has no Board of Directors, no budget, has no paid staff, holds no fund raisers, buys and sells nothing.

WIL WORKS BECAUSE THE MEMBERS WORK FROM THE HEART. We move from rescue to rescue doing only good, sharing, and helping rescued dogs, cats, the rescuers and each other.


THANK YOU ALL for the warmth and love you are sharing and thank you for supporting the mission of Wrapped in Love.  This group gives back in a small way to the dogs and cats and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Make and donate a blanket to a rescue group and you too will feel Wrapped in LOVE!